Bio: I am a clairvoyant, medium, and reiki practitioner, currently a guest on land that is the traditional territory of the Kumeyaay and Payómkawichum (Luiseño) Nations, committed to my own healing journey and serving my community. My personal spiritual practice is rooted in meditation, yoga, mindfulness, plant and flower magic, and indigenous animism. Although my formal education was as a gerontologist, receiving a M.A. in gerontology from Georgia State University, after a decade of pursuing a career in geriatric education and biomedical research, I found my true path. I started giving readings in high school, and I strive to continually learn and grow in my practice. I am currently a Usui Reiki Level II practitioner and am consciously and respectfully working towards becoming a Reiki Master. I currently live in North County, San Diego, CA with my beautiful teenage son and two senior doggies.

My beliefs: I believe we are our own perfect healer. I believe all the answers exist within us. I believe we all deserve to heal. I believe there are times where we need our own truths reflected back to us. 


My role: I serve as simply a messenger for your ancestors and guides to speak through. I invite sacred medicines of sage, cedar, juniper, or palo santo at the beginning of each healing to clear and open the space for your ancestors and guides. My role varies depending on the type of offering you choose:

  • During a past life reading and psychic reading: Once your ancestors and guides arrive, I will observe the visions they provide and listen to their messages which I will then relay to you. I also provide space for any questions you may have for your ancestors and guides or any other spirits who visit. My role is the same during an oracle card reading except I will also offer wisdom and insight provided through the cards.

  • For energy healing, I will work with your ancestors and guides to identify any blockages, pain, or areas of healing within the body, heart, spirit, and soul.

  • During a couples reading, I do not give any personal relationship advice or counseling. I simply listen to the ancestors and guides from each person and relay the wisdom and insight offered for the relationship. I find that couples readings allow each person to drop their guard, sink into the space, and experience deep healing. Couples readings are a very quick and effective way to reveal the root of any problems and allow them to heal in a sacred and safe space. 

  • For a home blessing, I will collaborate with your ancestors and guides to clear the home and invite peace, serenity, and balance. Keeping my home clear and open for my ancestors and guides has facilitated deeper healing and integration in my own life, and it is such a gift to be able to offer this service to my clients. 

  • During a pet psychic reading, I access their higher consciousness and communicate messages. A pet psychic reading can reveal past lives, provide answers to behavioral and emotional issues, and provide insight into how to create a better life for your animals. 

Confidentiality: Everything shared between us will remain 100% confidential between the people present and our ancestors and guides.