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My Classes


Medicine Drum Making Workshop are an intentional, intimate gathering led by Mayuri in Oceanside, CA. Together we will call on our ancestors and guides to co-create our medicine drums as a community. We will start with a sage cleansing, followed by intention setting and reflecting on the medicine we want to bring into our drums. We will then paint the drum frame with ancestral images, stretch the buffalo or deer rawhide, weave the rawhide lace through the buffalo or deer rawhide, and create leather wrapped handles on the drum. Lastly, we will wrap padding and leather around our drum sticks with sinew. You will be supplied with all the materials necessary to create your custom drum and drum stick. There are two sizes of rawhide and drum frame available for your drum are: a 14 inch buffalo rawhide with a 2 and 7/8 inch drum frame or a 10 inch deer rawhide with a 1 and 7/8 inch drum frame. I hold this workshop every 4 months at a metaphysical shop in Oceanside, CA (February, June, & October). Email me at to get information about the next workshop. 

*in person*


A full moon ceremony is a portal for transformation in your life. Mayuri hosts full moon ceremonies 9 months out of the year in Oceanside, CA. The ceremony will incorporate sound and energy healing to facilitate spiritual, emotional, and physical release. This is an opportunity to drop into your body and connect with your inner wisdom, your ancestors, and guides. For the ceremony, we will sit around a sacred altar for smudging, calling in our ancestors and guides, meditating, journaling, receiving drum sound healing, receiving hands on reiki healing, and sharing with one another. Email me at to get information about the next workshop.

*in person*


I’m available for private drum making workshops in case you’re interested in holding one for your friends/family/community. If you’re interested, please reach out to me via email at

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