Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the session today. It was a deeply healing experience for me and I will forever treasure the time we spent together! I cannot express how much more connected I feel to myself and to another person - especially someone who shares a similar experience with me. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, it means so much. You are a strong, beautiful goddess and I truly believe our paths will cross once again"

"Mayuri's Oracle reading provided a powerful emotion and cognitive shift in my life, for the better. She talked to me about my relationship and career - certainly what many of us worry about the most - and through the process I learned both spiritual and practical tools to make both of these large aspects of my life so much better. I was recently asked by a friend, who just got a reading by Mayuri, if I had already implemented their suggestions and the answer was a big YES! It did not take more than a week to go visit my guide bird, and unburden myself with some heavy emotions. Honestly, this was better than two REALLY GOOD sessions in therapy. I recommend Mayuri's Oracle readings to anyone who is open to taking the time to slow down a little and listen to some wonderful truths. I’m grateful for this gift, and you should give it to yourself too. Post Script: I just got a totem to remind me of the reading and it now feels like it watches over protectively what I write and do at my desk - which is a big part of my output into the world."

"I am so so happy I got to see you and spend real time with you! I've really been mulling over all you shared with me in our reading, as I'm sure most do after your sessions, and I am at a loss for language to describe the power of your presence and your work. You are a true gift to this plane of consciousness, and I am treating my reading with you as a turning point in my self-concept."

"Mayuri is a gifted and sincere reader, psychic, and spiritual guide. Her vision is a beautiful gift, and doing a reading with her is a great gift to get yourself. I can't recommend her highly enough."

"I wanna thank you again. The reading really helped me assert boundaries and be content with what I'm given. The more I am walking through life post reading, the more I am living what you shared with me and healing and building intimacy in ways that are sustainable."

"I had an amazing experience with you.  I kept saying afterwards I felt like we had gone on a journey through the solar system and then landed back on earth.  I'm so happy we connected."